Training & Projects
Implant training is an essential and integral part of M.E/B.E Degree and Diploma courses/ curriculum of various universities and educational institutions in almost all parts of India. This practical training and project work help students to understand industrial and outside environment. In other words, this acts as a bridge between academic institutions and industries for various job opportunities and building future professional careers of students after completion of their Degree/ Diploma courses. Students are exposed to practical work which helps them building confidence level and provide job opportunities. Students are provided Complete deep Training with a thorough revision of academics of the subject during training period. Students will be provided with training on 'Additional Focus' which includes soft skill training. In completion of Training Student have to use their Sharpen Skill & Knowledge to make respective Projects with our guidance in the field of Electronics, IT and Communication. There will be a choice of more than 500 projects in the above field Job placement assistance will be important consideration for those who complete the Training & project in Following area :
  • Embedded system Design
  • Network Administration
  • Broadband Communication Network (SATCOM, IPTV, CATV, WIMAX)
  • Information Technology
  • Business Management & Project Management